Affordable Housing


Tim Grayson is delivering on building more affordable housing in Contra Costa and Solano counties.

Tim believes we cannot sit and wait for affordable housing units to come available – we must get to work to incentivize housing development and stop barriers that prevent more housing from being built. 

Through his first years in office, Assemblyman Tim Grayson: 

· Contributed to the historic housing package that will provide funding for low income housing development, fast track housing developments through the approval and review process and stop cities from blocking new housing developments. In September 2017, Gov. Jerry Brown signed the package into law. Learn more. 

· Supported and co-authored Senate Bill 35 to help spur development throughout areas of the state that are most deeply impacted by our statewide housing shortage. The law streamlines development, eliminating red tape that stands in the way of housing development. The law was signed into law by Governor Brown in September 2017. 

· Wrote and pushed to pass Assembly Bill 2923, which encourages the development of mixed use housing near BART stations right here in Contra Costa and Solano counties. This bill will increase our housing supply and get more cars off the road to alleviate traffic jams and lessen greenhouse gas emissions that harm our environment. 

· Stood up for the passage of Senate Bill 827, critical legislation that would have streamlined the process for building more housing near public transportation hubs throughout California.

Re-elect Tim Grayson to continue to fight for affordable housing in our communities.