Tim Grayson is taking ACTION to relieve traffic congestion.

VOTE  November 6th and re-elect Tim Grayson to the Assembly.

Every day, our neighbors in Solano and Contra Costa counties face long commutes and traffic jams that affects our daily lives, limits our time with our families and burdens our small businesses.

Assemblymember Tim Grayson is taking on the fight to reduce traffic congestion. 

· Tim wrote the Green Transportation Act, which would stop frivolous lawsuits from delaying construction projects on our roads that would reduce traffic and protect our environment. Learn more. 

· Wrote a law that encourages the development of mixed use housing near BART stations. This would provide affordable housing and get more commuter cars off our roads. [AB2923]

· Delivered on major construction – a new highway interchange to help alleviate traffic congestion in Contra Costa county.

VOTE  November 6th.  Let’s re-elect Tim Grayson to the Assembly and take on traffic congestion.