California Students


Assemblyman Tim Grayson fought to put California in-state students first in line for UC admissions

RE-ELECT Assemblyman Tim Grayson. 

Too many qualified talented California students are not receiving acceptance letters to attend colleges in the University of California system. Tim Grayson worked to change that. 

· Tim wrote the Fair Access to the University of California Act, which was signed in to law by Gov. Brown. This law puts qualified California students first in line for admission to the UC system over lesser qualified, out of state students.

· Tim also wrote the UC Transparency Act of 2017, signed in to law by Gov. Brown. This law holds UC administrators accountable and requires transparency with state auditors.

· Tim worked to pass a law granting greater transparency in UC’s cost reporting, to ensure taxpayer dollars spent on higher education benefits students first. 

Re-elect Tim Grayson. Let’s ensure a bright future for every qualified California student.